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Toyota Patents Tech to Make A-Pillars Invisible

Toyota may have figured out a way to retain the safety benefit of big A-pillars while improving visibility at the... more

Judging Criteria Set for 2017 MAI-COTY

Judging committee for the 2017 MAI-COTY (Car of the Year) Awards has finalised the judging criteria and decided on... more

All-new Kia Rio Arrives in East Malaysia

The all-new fourth generation Kia Rio, which was launched in Kuala Lumpur last month, has been introduced in East... more

First Customer Receives Honda City Sport Hybrid i-DCD

Honda Malaysia today delivered the Honda City Sport Hybrid i-DCD to the first customer in Southeast Asia, Wilson... more

RFID Toll System to be Implemented Next Year

Malaysia's toll system will see new technology put in place next January, a boothless, gateless setup using Radio... more

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