BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd today introduced the new BMW 7 Series, setting the benchmark yet again in the topmost segment of the premium market. The fifth generation of the BMW 7 Series represents the pinnacle of style, luxury and driving experience.

Geoffrey Briscoe, Managing Director of BMW Malaysia, said the new BMW 7 Series will be pivotal in leading the company forward, as was its predecessor. The previous BMW 7 Series was the most successful 7 Series ever.

“In Malaysia, the outgoing BMW 7 Series was a major triumph and marked a turning point for us in this segment. With this car, we managed to increase our sales by 153% compared to its predecessor”, he said.

The new BMW 7 Series is the result of perfection in design and supreme engineering on the drivetrain, chassis, safety systems, driver assistance, and comfort. At the same time the sophisticated but very modern interior makes both driving and riding in the new BMW 7 Series a truly impressive experience the driver and all passengers will enjoy at all times.

The new BMW 7 Series is entering the local market with two variants, the BMW 750Li and the BMW 740Li. Both have extended wheelbases making them the longest in the luxury saloon segment and with a particular focus on supreme comfort at the rear.

“The new 7 Series represents the last word in luxury, style and sophistication. It is technologically unsurpassed featuring innovations and technology previously unseen in this segment”, said Briscoe. ”It will be one of the most important cars of the year for us as it represents the ultimate in terms of luxury, style and technology, interpreted in the unique fashion that is synonymous with the BMW brand”.

Featuring the world’s most efficient V8 petrol engine and the most powerful straight-six within BMW’s line-up, the power units available stand out through dynamic power and performance, supreme motoring culture, and unique efficiency. In their respective power and performance segments they offer an incomparably good balance of power and economy all in one. The engines thus comply in full with the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy.

The most important technical asset shared by both petrol engines is Twin Turbo technology exclusive to BMW in conjunction with High Precision Injection. Featuring these sophisticated systems, both drive units achieve a level of power and torque natural-aspiration engines would only be able to offer on much larger engine displacement and with an inevitable increase in weight.

The 750Li comes with a 4.4 litre eight-cylinder power unit that develops 300 kW/407 hp while the 740Li comes with the award winning 3.0 litre power unit developing 240 kW/326 hp.

According to Briscoe the two engines were an important part of BMWs Efficientdynamics strategy. “The new BMW 7 Series proves that efficiency and luxury are not a contradiction in terms. Our new model features the most efficient engines in its segment and this is something we will continue to do across all our model lines”, he said.

Ensuring harmonised driving dynamics and comfort, the 7 Series is the first BMW sedan to feature a double-joint front axle and integral-V rear axle that are made largely of aluminium. The aluminium construction provides a lighter feel, guaranteeing a particular comfort made only possible by strict separation of wheel guidance and damping functions.

Integral Active Steering – the most intelligent car steering system ever designed – is now making its world debut in the new BMW 7 Series. This option varies the steering angle via an additional transmission on the front-wheel Active Steering, and the steering angle on the rear wheels.

At low speeds the rear wheels are turned against the steering angle of the front wheels to give the BMW 7 Series significantly greater agility on the road. At higher speeds, when changing lanes and in bends, the Integral Active Steering with the rear wheels turning in the same direction as the front wheels gives the car a sophisticated level of motoring comfort and supremacy.

The BMW 7 Series’ trendsetting character is heightened with several automotive firsts.

The flagship car carries the distinction of having the world’s first Side View camera system. In addition to Park Distance Control that aids slow speed manoeuvring, the front side view camera system provides a higher level of driver awareness. With the touch of a button, two forward facing cameras mounted in the front bumper can show an overview of traffic conditions on the iDrive display. This allows the driver to negotiate a partially obscured junction, leave a car park or drive through a narrow gate with confidence.

The world’s most advanced Night Vision system can also be found in the new 7. BMW, being the first manufacturer to fit Night Vision to a premium car, has upgraded this package to include a pedestrian recognition system. A control unit analyzes video data of human behaviour as part of the Night Vision camera’s reach and can subsequently alert the driver if it detects someone moving into the path of the vehicle.

Building on these technological innovations, the new 7 Series also features Lane Departure Warning. This is a system that first appeared in the BMW 5 and 6 Series models and uses a camera to monitor road markings. Should the driver start to stray out of lane, a gentle vibration of the steering wheel will provide a warning alert.

Completing these technological innovations, the latest generation BMW 7 Series is the first to have the Dynamic Damper Control through the Dynamic Driving Control button. With Dynamic Driving Control, the set-up of the car may be varied for COMFORT, NORMAL, SPORT and SPORT+ at the simple touch of a button, acting not only on the Dynamic Damper Control and the DSC Dynamic Stability Control threshold points, but also on the gearshift dynamics of the automatic transmission as well as the gas pedal and steering assistance control maps

The harmonious symbiosis of elegance and high performance driving is the greatest forte in the body design of the new BMW 7 Series. Over and above the long wheelbase, the sleek and stretched out engine compartment lid and the short transition at the front, coupled with the passenger compartment moved further to the rear and the low roofline gives the new BMW 7 Series added characteristics that further sets it apart from its predecessor and its competitors

The perfectly balanced interplay of these features are best displayed from the sideline of the car where the dynamic proportions clearly accentuate the sporting character of the sedan, with the car’s sleek lines adding a distinctive touch of style.

The new BMW 7 Series comes with one of the most luxurious interiors of any premium car, combined with ample knee-room and headroom. In addition to a new iDrive controller, customers will be able to programme frequently selected radio stations or navigation destinations on favourite buttons located on the centre console. For the first time on a BMW, the instrument cluster comprises a high-resolution colour display with Black Panel technology

BMW Malaysia Product Manager Daren Ching, MD Geoffrey Briscoe, Corporate Affairs Manager Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam

BMW Malaysia Product Manager Daren Ching, MD Geoffrey Briscoe, Corporate Affairs Manager Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam

BMW Malaysia Managing Director Geoffrey Briscoe and the new BMW 7 Series

BMW Malaysia Managing Director Geoffrey Briscoe and the new BMW 7 Series

BMW Malaysia MD Geoffrey Briscoe makes a firm statement about the new BMW 7 Series

BMW Malaysia MD Geoffrey Briscoe makes a firm statement about the new BMW 7 Series


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