Winners Trophies

On Sunday, 11th April 2010, TTR participated in the Pemuda UMNO, 2-hour go- kart endurance race in Shah Alam, where they fielded the likes of Kiki, Ramsey Rizal, Zul Samad and Nizam Rahman.

Drivers Briefing

After arriving at the track at 8am on a Sunday morning, the crew of Team TeleVAS Racing (TTR)  looked on as other teams and crews arrived. There were a number of familiar faces from the local motorsports scene but for this event it was not the usual karting ‘kakis’ that arrived, instead some serious hardcore racers including Ferrari and Lotus drivers turned up.

Undeterred by the intimidating sight of the competition, TTR got right down to business and set their strategy for the day.

The crew on Sunday was Team Principal – Mark Ian Timms and James Mitchell, who both doubled up as Umbrella boys for the drivers!

James Mitchell managing the pit wall for TTR

The race format started with a 30 minute combined practice and qualifying session, driven by Nizer and Ramsey and was able to set a P4 position on the grid for the main race, which started with a 3 lap formation comprising of 16 teams. The main race was 120 minutes from the waving of the green starter flag and Nizer was the first driver for TTR who had a tremendous start and clinched second place within the first lap. However, the kart was problematic and peculiarly lacked power and very soon the team had dropped a few positions.

“Knowing the strength in our team work and strategic planning of endurance races, I was not duly concerned by the loss in position as I was confident we would have very quick pit-stops and driver changes and those coupled with our drivers ability to nurture the kart from beginning to end would keep us competitive” said Team Principal, Mark Ian Timms.

“This was soon to be proven midway through the race, where we saw other teams developing kart problems, whilst we maintained consistent lap times and notably faster driver changes”.

The final driver stint saw Nizer Rahman in the seat taking TTR to a second place victory behind Team Aspeed Garage. Ironically, the drivers from Team Aspeed Garage had been one of the finalists in last years TeleRookies driver selection and had undergone basic endurance driver training with TTR!

JPM featuring TeleRookie Chin Ze Wei (Centre)

Also competing for JP Motorports (JPM) was Chin Ze Wei, another TeleRookie who had made the cut for the team in 2009 and participated in the my-kart 8 Hours Mad Mega Endurance Race for Team TeleRookies Racing.

Despite racing for the competition in this event, Chin Ze Wei sportingly wore the TTR attire. It was a proud moment for TTR to see a young driver who had undergone the TTR Endurance Driver Training Program and continues to be successful in events such as this.

Team TeleVAS driver Iskander Md also noted that young Chin had also made a clean and smooth pass during the race leaving him to wonder if he had given away all of his race-craft secrets and put himself at a disadvantage!

Following the chequered flag, the teams convened for lunch hosted by Pemuda UMNO Jalan Foss, whilst the race officials finalised the results.

A hearty congratulations to Team TeleVAS Racing!


1 27 Team Aspeed Garage 71 1:12:06
2 7 Team TeleVAS Racing 70 1 lap 1:13:32
3 21 Team Loco Racing 70 1 lap 1:13:43
4 10 Team SHR 70 1 lap 1:13:04
5 22 Team Ferrari Lotus 69 2 laps 1:11:86
6 5 Team Ozone 68 3 laps 1:16:27
7 11 Team Lotus 2 68 3 laps 1:13:74
8 28 Team Domokun 67 4 laps 1:12:19
9 15 Team JPM 67 4 laps 1:14:33
10 20 Team KLA 66 5 laps 1:16:97
11 16 Team Lotus 1 66 5 laps 1:15:66
12 3 Team Soho 66 5 laps 1:14:83
13 14 Team BLP 65 6 laps 1:16:93
14 1 Team Pemuda 62 9 laps 1:17:74
15 12 Team Ferrari 62 9 laps 1:17:20


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