Paralyzing shock overcame me for awhile as i read the headline a few more times. As the title claims as we venture into detail on this matter. We know very well that the 564bhp Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, built with gullwing doors and a soundtrack that might just weaken your knees and the emobdiment of this stylish machinery is all thanks to the German’s… wait… was it the Germans???

Rumors are now circulating that the  SLS AMG actually came into existence as the next-generation of Dodge Viper. The low down was that the Dodge engineers had been working very hard on the next-gen Viper, complete with aluminium chasis and a new suspension. Mercedes got caught up in the hype and also decided that their upcoming SLS will have similar chassis.

The two were reportedly working together during the Daimler-Chrysler days, until Chrysler was faced with financial problems, which caused Dodge to let go of their next-Gen Viper project. Mercedes then took the opportunity to utilize the work done to let loose their super-Benz. Chrysler strengthened more of their claims saying that the early SLS test cars were caught on spy photos showing it being fitted with ill-assembled Viper sheetmetal.

As for now, it is hard to say if it was wrong for Mercedes to profit from the project and at the same time decreasing the cost of production of the SLS, but we do know that the upcoming 2012 Viper might just be the solution for the previous losses experienced.


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