Ferrari’s getting a total makeover. All this while, Ferrari has been producing new models on an ad-hoc basis, but recently, they have come up with a new product life-cycle scheme allowing Ferrari to reveal a new model every year.

This plan requires each model to have a lifespan of only eight years with regular updates of new versions every four years after being introduced. Seeing four models in a range, Ferrari might be able to debut an all-new and updated core model on a yearly basis. This system doesn’t include introductions of the Scuderia-styled variants together with the limited-production Enzo-class supercars, which has an introduction time-span of every decade.

This system was introduced a few months ago and while the price of the cars will remain the same, replacements for the 612 and 599 will be significantly differentiated from each other. Hybrid Ferrari versions have their own few applications of HY-KERS systems in the pipeline, but it may take at least another 5 years before it comes to fruition.


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