When it comes to Knight and Day, there’s no way we’ll ever forget the action-packed scene where we could see Roy Miller riding the shiny new Ducati, added with June Havens clinging to his back as they roam the streets of Sevilla with amazing stunts. Are you thinking that this is another one of Ducati’s enticing marketing plan? Ducati certainly hopes so!

The whole action-packed scene tells us that, unless if you’re Tom Cruise yourself, then you might just have a higher chance on riding this bike rather than Stanley McCrystal’s hopes to spend his 4th of July with Obama. The reason why this bike is intriguing to us is because, what we have here ladies and gentlemen, is not some ordinary Ducati ride but, a genuine Faux-cati!

A Faux-cati is actually not a Ducati to start with. If we have a closer look to the two-sided swing-arm, you will notice that the single front brake rotor and silver forks will definitely let you know that it is actually an… Aprilia SXV! The Aprilia sign on the side of the motor will definitely prove this better. The question here is, why would they want to use an Aprilia and a Ducati at the same time?

After giving much thought on this, we can only figure out that the reason as to why they impersonate the Aprilia as a Ducati is to make sure Roy Miller could make the ‘fly time’ in the movie as Aprilia holds lesser weight. Not only that, the travel suspension of the Aprilia enabled the stunt crew to perform various breath-taking stunts that have managed to entertain millions till today. Another reason that might be plausible to us is that, it might have just been Tom Cruise’s sole idea to try both of the rides in the movie.

Ducati even made a statement saying that it was all for an ESPN promotion of some sort. Ducati also convinced the public that all the bikes used in the actual movie were the full-fledged Hypermotards but knowing the facts now, it was surely just an Aprilia wearing Ducati’s framework instead. Do check the movie out, which is currently showing in cinemas now to spot the Faux-cati yourself! Enjoy.

Apparently, this bike was created for an ESPN promotion of some sort. Ducati reports that all the bikes used in the actual movie were in fact full-fledged Hypermotards. Of course, that doesn’t change that the bike pictured above indeed an Aprilia wearing Ducati bodywork.


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