Who doesn’t feel a tingling sensation of nostalgia whenever you hear “Autobots, transform and roll-out!” from Optimus Prime. Call me childish, but for those that grew up during the ’80s, those words certainly puts us in flash-back mode.

The film crew for Transformers 3 was seen filming in Chicago recently, so like bees to nectar, the ‘public camera crew’ was there to catch a glimpse of things to come on the big screen.

From the pictures below, there’s certainly some hype coming in for NASCAR’s racing series, Chevrolet, GM and Goodyear tyres. Notice the topless silver Stingray Concept wandering around the streets of Chicago in the photo gallery below.

And ofcourse, Optimus Prime finally gets a modified container to lug around as he finalises the immortalisation of Perterbilt trucks, specifically the Peterbilt Model 389, for the third time.

This movie is supposedly the third and final film for the Transformers live-action series from Michael Bay thats due for release on 1st July 2011, yet we stand firm on our belief that though trilogies have ended the movie series, quadrologies have ended the stories. Take for example the quadrologies from Indiana Jones, Rambo, Alien and ofcourse our favourite; The Fast and The Furious quadrology.

WeMotor-bots, scroll down and enjoy the clips below!


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