BMW has done well in maintaining great exclusivity with the M badge. Unlike the AMG badge that you can see on almost all of Mercedes-Benz’s lineup, there were only 4 M models (excluding the M1) before the launch of the X6 M and X5 M last year.

However, one of the M models has never been produced, except for testing and prototyping, the M8.

M8 is powered by a 550bhp version of BMW’s original M70 v12 engine. The M8 was ambitiously designed to challenge the great Ferrari 456 GT back then. But, BMW aborted the program and built the 375bhp 850CSi instead.

Most of us thought that the M8 has long gone, buried six feet under, but as it turns out, the M8 was actually put aside in a corner and turned out to be a piece of art in the BMW Museum in Munich instead.


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