Are you afraid of getting into your car late at night, only to look in the rearview mirror and see a face staring back at you that isn’t yours?

Don’t lie – we all have those random, irrational fears which are all but unfounded. Capitalizing on just such a fear, Daimler’s Smart produced a commercial which preyed on those fears and closed with a clever tagline espousing the fact that Smart ForTwos don’t have a back seat.

The ad was a huge hit in Germany, where it was originally slated to run during the trailers in movie theaters. It garnered such approval that it eventually made its way into television spots throughout Europe and has now ended up on YouTube as a “banned” commercial.

However, the ad wasn’t banned, it just never got to be aired in the United States. The ‘banned” moniker should help it earn some views, but the commercial is good enough on its own to warrant viewing.


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