BMW Group Malaysia today introduced a technical service campaign on Brake Vacuum Pump servicing for a selection of its authorised eight and twelve cylinder engine cars which were built between 2001 and 2009, as an added precaution to ensuring that Malaysian customers are unaffected by defective or faulty components.

The technical service campaign arrives after several worldwide media reports of BMW models powered by its eight and twelve cylinder engines in the US and UK markets having encountered oil leaks upon attaining high mileage or at least 3 years of age, which prompted the BMW Group to undergo a checking and rectifying exercise in the affected markets.

Geoffrey Briscoe, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia, in reassuring BMW customers nationwide said, “Our BMW cars here in Malaysia are largely not affected by the Brake Vacuum Pump issue as the majority – 98% – of our cars sold here run on four and six cylinder engines. The issue is also only limited to certain eight and twelve cylinder engines which were built between 2001 and 2009. We have identified these cars here and we will be running a campaign to further ensure our customer’s peace of mind.”

Briscoe also further clarified that there have been no reports of any accidents having occurred as a result of the defective brake vacuum pumps and that rectification of the problem at an authorised BMW service centre would take approximately 1 day at no cost whatsoever to the customer.

Briscoe also recommended that customers who had purchased eight and twelve cylinder BMW vehicles via unauthorised or ‘grey’ importers have their vehicles checked immediately at an authorised BMW service centre to ensure that their vehicles were not affected by the problem as no official records or history of grey imports are available.

“BMW takes the safety and reliability of its vehicles very seriously and we are committed to ensuring that any issues that might arise are identified and rectified as quickly and efficiently as possible. Issues such as this also highlights why ‘grey’ imports should never be considered as viable alternatives as there is no way to ensure the absolute safety of the driver and passengers or the authenticity or bona fides of a Grey imported vehicle.” said Briscoe.

To find out more about the campaign, BMW Customers are invited to call BMW Voice at 1 800 88 3000 or visit


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