Stop the clock! If only you had the power to stop time, reverse it, heck travel through it! Time, is always of the the essence as we grow older and it’s what we do with it that will define us all. So if you don’t have enough time on your hands; fear not! Pirelli’s gone and put the brakes on it. Literally.

You may be asking the question, ‘why is a tyre manufacturer venturing into making time pieces?’ In actual fact, these guys have their hands in alot more than the rubber we don our rims with. They’re into almost everything from sneakers to watches.

Their latest mechanical wrist-jewelery is called the PZero Disk_O, and if you haven’t already noticed, its design is dominated by a disc brake and caliper.

The anodized aluminum bezel even rotates through the caliper just like a real brake disc (or like a diving watch, sans the numbers). Like the brakes on some higher-end supercars, the caliper – from which the pushbuttons for the Swiss quartz chronograph movement jut out – can be ordered in different colors: red, yellow, black or steel gray.

Given the brand behind the Disk_O, it should come as no surprise that the strap ditches the steel bracelets or leather bands for rubber, but while previous pieces in the PZero timepiece collection had straps modeled after rain tires or vintage rubber, the Disk_O’s are styled after racing slicks.


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