Group Lotus are hoping to have the name row with Team Lotus resolved before the matter goes to court next year.

The two parties are arguing over the rights to the ‘Lotus’ name, which looks set to have two Formula One teams using ‘Lotus’ in their branding next season.

While Tony Fernandes believes his ‘Team Lotus’ has the rights to the Lotus after purchasing them from previous owner David Hunt, Group Lotus, who recently teamed up with Renault, believe the name belongs to them and have rebranded their team ‘Lotus-Renault GP.’

The matter is expected to go to court next year, although Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar is hoping a solution can be found before it does.

“I don’t think it will be a matter solved by English courts,” Bahar told theĀ BBC.

“I think it will be solved before that. But if we have to go the legal way, we will – and our shareholders will support that.”

Bahar also insisted that he never wanted to end Group Lotus’s tie-up with Fernandes’ team, which raced under the name ‘Lotus Racing’ in 2010.

“When I arrived with a new management team, we had our own ideas and plans and that’s nobody’s fault, not the shareholders’ and not Mr Fernandes’ fault,” he said. “We have a crystal clear vision of where we want to go in future.

“I think with any business relationship, you start on good terms and if it turns out to be beneficial for both parties, you continue.

“If not, you just stop – it’s like in a marriage. And this one turned out to be an unsuccessful relationship.”


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