If you’re amazed at how the LFA managed to kick GTR-butt on the 0-400m dash, let it be known that it was all thanks to the Lexus supercar’s electronic programming that helped place the LFA’s rpm within the engine’s optimum power-zone, thereby delivering the right amount of torque to the wheels without burning too much rubber and loosing the edge on the other car. Yeap, you’ve guessed it! It comes equipped with Launch Control!

The LFA’s V10 red-lines at a phenominal 9,500 rpmand the video below concentrates on how the fast the┬átachometer races towards it as it bolts off the line once it’s launch control lends an assisting hand.

Finally, the driver then reaches a phenominal top stop of 260kmh before easing off the throttle. Try watching with your mouth closed, it’ll help negate the need for any cleanups necessary. Good luck!


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