If you can still recall Ken Block’s Gymkhana runs, but then again who can’t? We’d dare guarantee you something a little more memorable other than Block’s previous Subaru or current Ford burning rubber. How about a Gulf-liveried Cascadia Freightliner¬†showing off some tyre-burning moves at the hands of a dozen International Pikes Peak Hill Climb wins, Mike Ryan.

So what does Ryan do during the off-season when he’s not storming the mountains? Heck, he’s burning up rubber on a track somewhere of course, but this time around he’s decided to bring a camera crew along; as well as something ‘sweet’ he picked up along the way.

While you’re watching the clip, you’ll be noticing how the background scenery seems rather familiar as Ryan tears up rubber around an abandoned airstrip, an old hangar and some dirt roads. You’d actually find yourself looking out for cones and barriers; maybe even a Segway! Instead, the only thing unique about it was Ryan’s ‘little sweet thang’ that he acquired along the way.

Ryan’s Freightliner packs 1,950bhp and more than 4,610 Nm of torque, so smoking the truck’s handmade custom Michelin tires isn’t a problem, even in a 4.5 tonne Cascadia Freightliner

Nevertheless, the clip’s all about drifting, and if you’re not into country-rock music, we’d suggest you turn down your speakers before playing the short clip below…now before it all begins, let’s all cheer ‘yee har’ and press that ‘play’ button.


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