The 2008 Hummer concept was suppose to be General Motors’ answer to the Jeep Wrangler. However, it failed to materialize.

General Motors has stopped the production of the Hummer as part of its bankruptcy-induced limb severing in 2009, before releasing the HX, a vehicle that the majority believed would have saved them.

But there is good news for those of you who’d wish to own a piece of history; My Electric Vehicle or MEV has modified the HX concept, added an electric drivetrain and created the MEV Hummer HX.

Created by an English company that has a range of 5 electric cars from the Hot Rod look-alike to the Lotus Seven, the MEV HX is a fully electric resort vehicle, licensed by GM and sporting Hummer wheels and skid plates.

The Hummer HX includes standard equipment like heated seats, adjustable suspension and offer many options such as a DVD player or a roof fitted with solar panels.

Although the MEV Hummer HX has made it to the worldwide stage, doubts still linger regarding its practicality. But do take a look at the video below of this Hummer that’s surely a stunner in action!


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