Casey Putsch wanted a Batmobile just like the one from Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” film and he’s definitely materializing his real-life dream car.

Putsch went all out and sweated the details and the result is what he’s got here, a turbine powered Batmobile, or shall we call it, the ONLY turbine powered Batmobile in the world!

Putsch’s Batmobile possesses a Boeing turboshaft engine, which was extensively used by the US Navy to power a drone attack helicopter. The power output is rated at 365bhp and it weighs around 1,273kg.

Besides the military turbine engine, this Batmobile comes with digital avionics system with Apple iPad for application support, GPS navigation, and satellite Internet. Not to mention an infra-red and visible light spectrum reverse cameras with a cockpit monitor.

Do check out the footage of Casey Putsch driving his Batmobile and this time we’re definitely sure that Putsch’s Batmobile doesn’t need any sound effects unlike Bruce Wayne’s (Michael Keaton) Batmobile as we’ve seen in the movie.


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