Ducati Multistrada 1200 owners embraced their spirit for adventure recently, with a 10-day experience of a lifetime in Borneo.

The event, held for the first-time, offered Ducati Multistrada 1200 owners an incredible 2,000km ride, freedom, exploration and spirit of camaraderie as they made their way from Kuching, Sarawak to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

More than 30 riders, consisting of Ducati Multistrada owners, guests, media and staff of Next Bike (Ducati Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the official distributor for Ducati in Malaysia, successfully completed the epic journey which saw them traverse urban roads, remote wastelands, rugged mountain passes and the endless rural roads of Borneo, all the while aboard their Ducati bikes.

The participants, led by YBhg Dato’ SM Zulkifli SM Amin, Group Chief Operating Officer of the NAZA Group of Companies, even reached the Tip Of Borneo during the last leg of the 10-day adventure, marking a tremendous end to the Borneo island adventure which led them from Sarawak, through Brunei Darussalam and Labuan before arriving at their final destination in Sabah.

The event was the initiative of Ducati Malaysia, and was yet another effort by NAZA to promote two-wheel tourism through Ducati. The venture had the full support of Tourism Malaysia and various councils, tourism agencies and the communities of the areas through which the convoy of Ducatis passed.

Beginning on the morning of 25 November in the city of Kuching, the Ducati Multistradas set the stage for what would become an unforgettable adventure; Ducatis dominating the roads of Sarawak for the first time. From there, the convoy moved through Sibu, Bintulu, Miri in Sarawak to Brunei Darussalam, Labuan and finally Sabah with many overnight stops and an island stop-over en-route.

The riders enjoyed some of the most breathtaking views in Borneo; both the stunning environment and the wildlife native to those parts. The island of Borneo is home to many unique and endangered species, such as the Orang Utan, Proboscis Monkey, the Borneo Rhino, the Pygmy Elephant, as well as the Green and Hawksbill Turtle. Along with the beautiful scenery also came some of the most challenging terrain and environmental conditions that these riders had ever experienced. Sharp turns, slippery roads, fallen debris, jungle-lined roads, sand, gravel and also the unpredictable storms.

As the days went on, riders also were met with the occasional livestock, temperature changes, and also groups of curious natives. Navigating the roads in Borneo demanded complete focus and attention from these determined riders and the obstacles faced were no match for their Ducati Multistrada 1200s.

YBhg Datuk Wira SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, NAZA Group of Companies Joint Group Executive Chairman said the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Borneo Experience 2011 was a pro-active initiative for Ducati riders to explore the island of Borneo. “The participants traveled to the major cities and also the rural, countryside areas whilst enjoying the company of fellow Ducati Multistrada 1200 owners and enthusiasts from the Asia-Pacific region. Besides creating history, this event also aims to bring passionate Ducati owners together,” he said, adding that he would like to thank the sponsors, Tourism Malaysia, Shell and Chevrolet, for making the journey a reality.

Datuk Wira SM Faisal said, “The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Borneo Adventure Experience 2011 was not only an adventure, but a series of challenges and experience which will be remembered by many and also looked forward to in the future by Ducati enthusiasts the world over.” He assured all Ducatistis that preparations are already in the works for the next Ducati Multistrada 1200 Borneo Adventure Experience which has been scheduled for 2013.

Dato’ SM Zulkifli, who personally led the participants through the 10-day journey, said the event was a very memorable experience, not only for the participants, but for the staff and support crew who travelled together in the Chevrolet Captivas. “It’s been a fantastic journey from start to finish. A great variety of roads, all sorts of places and the people have been fantastic”, he said.

Dato’ SM Zulkifli said that he was delighted to have been part of the convoy through some of the most breathtaking areas that Borneo has to offer. He added: “On any given stretch of road the convoy encountered fast, twisty roads, backdrops of mountains, beautiful peaks and also historical places.”

On the choice of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 and Chevrolet Captiva 4WD, Dato’ SM Zulkifli added that the vehicles was the ultimate combination of bikes and cars and was truly competent for the adventure as it got all the participants throughout the island of Borneo without breaking a sweat, a sweet combination. “The journey was also made possible with Shell providing their best fuel, the V-Power throughout all it service stations network in Sabah and Sarawak”. NAZA is the official franchise and distributor for Ducati and Chevrolet brand in Malaysia.

For a recap of the journal of The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Borneo Experience 2011 please visit www.smf.net.my which chronicles the adventure from Day 1 to Day 10 of the journey.


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