At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini has presented the most uncompromising open super sports car of its entire history dubbed the Lamborghini Aventador J.

The Aventador J is a fully functional sports car ready for road use. The bad news is that this will just be a one-off model and it has already been sold to a very lucky buyer for 2.1 million euros.

The Aventador J is not the first one-off model offered by Lamborghini. This tradition began back in the 1970s with the unveiling of the one-off Jota – a Lamborghini Miura with improved performance and virtually redesigned in every detail. The car takes its “J” letter from the sporting rules of the FIA world motorsport organization: “Appendix J” defines the technical specification of race cars in the various classes.

Despite the fact that this one-off model carries the Aventador name, it is very different from the coupe version. The most obvious difference is the fact that there’s no roof, but the monocoque also has a new design, with a large windshield and two safety bars behind the seats. The decision of dropping elements like the air conditioning system and the navigation system make the car even faster.

Every part of the car has been redesigned in order to make every kilometre the owner spends behind the wheel an entertaining experience. The car measures 4890 mm long, 2030 mm wide, and 1110 mm tall. The classic front windshield has been replaced by two small wind deflectors and the rear view mirror is perched on an arm like a periscope.

Compared to a standard Aventador, the J’s front is somewhat narrower and is dominated by a highly distinctive carbon fibre air scoop, with central fixing braces and upward tilting winglets on the outer edges.

At the rear, the vehicle gets a carbon-fibre rear diffuser, four huge tail pipes, rear lights with the typical Lamborghini light signature in the form of a Y, and an enormous fixed spoiler mounted on the bodyshell by two arms. There are also special, new front and rear bumpers that have been supplemented with carbon fibre fins that act as flow deviators. Their purpose is to achieve a significant increase in the vehicle’s downforce at both the front and the rear.

The Aventador J is painted in a very cool red developed specifically for this Aventador. That paint is combined with black carbon fibre parts and a new set of aluminium wheels – 20″ at the front and 21″ at the rears – with an additional carbon fibre insert that functions like a small fan for optimum brake ventilation. The doors also open upward and are considerably thinner than on the Aventador.

The Aventador J was designed in such a manner that the exterior and the interior give the impressive of being just one unit: a red stripe runs from the front hood, between the two wind deflectors, over the dashboard, down the console to the centre tunnel, and back up between the seat backs. From there, it goes out again to the engine cover panel.

Lamborghini has dropped elements like the navigation system and the audio system so that the only elements remaining are a small control panel housing the starter button and the switches for lights and transmission. The seats and the cockpit are made from a carbon fibre fabric called “Carbonskin” – an element made of woven carbon fibres soaked with a very special epoxy resin that stabilizes the fibre structure and keeps the material soft. All of these features, or lack thereof, contribute to the speed of the Aventador J.

The Lamborghini Aventador J is powered by the same 6.5L V12 engine found in the standard Aventador. This engine is capable of delivering a mind-boggling 700bhp. However, despite it being a lighter model, Lamborghini has decided to drop the top speed from 350 km/h to 300 km/h to keep those safety standards at a quality high.


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