From the track to your sofa, now in-cabin cameras are a great way to relive your day at the track, but this new technology takes it to a whole  new level. Dubbed CAN-Gateway ECU (Controller Area Network-Gateway Electronic Control Unit), the technology essentially records a long list of your car’s data while you drive on the track and recreates it virtually on Gran Turismo.

In a demo session hosted for the press by Toyota, Denso, and Polyphony Digital at Fuji Speedway earlier this week, a new video was filmed to show it in action, with Kazunori Yamauchi himself behind the wheel of an 86.

The CAN-Gateway ECU works by storing GPS location data, engine speed, steering angle, brake signals, and vehicle position onto a USB drive, which can then be plugged into your Playstation 3, where the lap can be reproduced and viewed within Gran Turismo 5. And yes, you can even race yourself (assuming the track you drove is available on Gran Turismo).

The short clip below shows three synced screen shots, with two virtual views (exterior and in-cabin) and one real in-cabin of a Toyota 86 completing a lap around the Fuji Speedway in Japan.

Gran Turismo 5 is set to go on sale before 2013, with pricing yet to be announced.


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