1966 Batmobile 01

If you are a fan of Batman, then this 1966 Batmobile might come familiar to you. Built by George Barris and used in Batman television series (played by Adam West) in 1966 until 1968, the original Batmobile is an iconic memorabilia. And it is no surprise that someone actually broke their piggy bank just to get his hands on this historical piece of machinery for $4.62 million at the recent 2013 Barrett-Jackson car auction.

1966 Batmobile 06

The 1966 Batmobile is built based on  1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, which was bought by George from the Ford Motor Company for just $1. You read that right. William Dozer, the producer of then soon-to-go-into-production Batman, requested George to build a Batmobile with a budget of $15,000. With only two weeks to given, George went to Bill Cushenberry to help him with the metal modifications of the car. George and Bill managed to build the car in time for the filming but there were problems, mainly due to the age of the car.

1966 Batmobile 12

The original Batmobile, despite the not-so-intimidating look and mechanical problems, still accommodated an arsenal of gadgets and weaponry for Batman and Robin (played by Burt Ward) to catch the evil masterminds of Gotham City. The front end is fitted with nose-mounted chain slicer, lasers and rockets. There is also a smoke-emitter and a nail spreader at the back, useful during pursuits.

Other gadgets include;

  • Bat-glove Compartment
  • Infrared Bat-dust (glows in light and in dark, but only visible when viewed through the Batmobile’s specially tinted windshield)
  • Emergency Bat-turn Lever (releases the Batmobile’s parachute that enables quick turns)
  • Bat-deflector (diverts a criminal tracking signal, leading them to a miniature Batcave in the middle of nowhere)
  • Bat-ray (can do many things, such as open van doors)
  • Super-powered Bat-magnet (for opening steel doors from a distance)
  • Odor Sensitometer Radar Circuit (puts a certain scent on the radar screen)
  • Ultrasonic Recorder (also records regular sounds)
  • Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service Signal (calls forementioned service to pick the Batmobile’s parachute off the city street)
  • Emergency Bat-trunk Lock
  • Bat-zooka (can fire explosive blasts, or is used to fire bat-ropes to tops of very tall buildings)
  • Anti Mechanical Bat-ray (renders mechanical apparati useless)
  • Bat-tering Ram (also known as the Bat-ram, used for knocking down reinforced doors)
  • Library Paste Bat-dissolving Switch
  • Bat-safety Belt
  • Bat-radarscope
  • Bat-alert Buzzer (in all Bruce’s cars, indicates when the Batphone in the Batcave is ringing)
  • Bat-scope (tv screen that can be used to monitor someone’s movements)
  • Anti-theft Activator (can be disguised as the Start button, fires fireworks from the car)
  • Anti-fire Activator (fills Batmobile with extinguishing foam)
  • Bat-ray Projector (fires blue ray from headlights that shut down a car’s ignition)
  • Hidden Bat-laser Beam
  • Homing Receiver Scope
  • Inflatable Batmobile (kept in Batmobile for use as a decoy)
  • Batphone

Not sure if the gadgets are included, but it seems that the bidder has got one of the coolest and most recognized automobile in the history of entertainment. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures and video of the car during the auction. POW!



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