Tabung Amal Perihatin Perodua - 1

Perodua will give a portion of its sales and service income and setting up a donation fund for the MH17 and MH370 the Malaysian victims’ families and crew as well as towards the rebuilding of Gaza city.

The national compact car company is contributing an initial RM20,000 to the fund and will also collect contributions from its 10,000 staff and the general public for the surviving families of the lost flights as well as to aid the people of Gaza which is rebuilding after a month-long assault by Israeli armed forces.

The collection will be made via a special fund called “Tabung Amal Prihatin Perodua” whereby Perodua customers and the general public can contribute via collection boxes throughout all 180 Perodua sales and 176 service outlets nationwide.

“Our deepest condolences to those who have lost their loved ones on the tragic flight of MH17 and MH370; our prayers goes out to both those who have perished as well as those who grieve the absence of their families and friends,” Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said.

Aminar was speaking at a mock-cheque handover ceremony whereby Perodua contributed an additional RM25,000 to the “Tabung Kemanusiaan Palestin Media Prima Berhad” and a RM20,000 contribution to the MH17, MH370 and Gaza fund.

Flight MH17 was allegedly shot down on 12th July over Eastern Ukraine killing 298 people on board including 43 Malaysians. According to media reports, 35 Malaysians have been identified and repatriated.

Based on media reports, flight MH370 vanished, presumably over the sea, and was carrying 239 people and crew when it disappeared from radar on 8th March. The search for the aircraft is still on going. Of the 239 victims, 38 are from Malaysia.

“To the people of Gaza, our hearts go out to you and the over 2,100 casualties reported by the media– most of them women and children – caused by the Israeli assault since 8th July. This contribution hopes offer aid to those in need,” Aminar said.

The initiative will begin on 15th Sept and ends 15th Oct and the total proceeds will be divided accordingly.

Proceeds for the Malaysian victims’ families will be channelled through Malaysian Airline System Bhd, while the aid to rebuild Gaza city will be via Aman Palestin, a Non-Government Organisation set up in 2004 to distribute aid to the people of Palestine.

Last July, Perodua also contributed RM30,000 to the “Tabung Kemanusiaan Palestin Media Prima Berhad” and began collecting donations for the same account from its staff.




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