Rocket Propelled Bicycle - 2

Looking like he’s hanging on for dear life, 32-year-old French daredevil Francois Gissy has recently recorded a new top-speed world record for a Rocket propelled bicycle. The new top-speed, beating his older 285 km/h recorded last year, is now set at 333 km/h.

Gissy’s new world record was achieved with the help of three rocket engines propelled by highly concentrated 90 percent hydrogen peroxide, attached to a specially designed but homemade bicycle frame using speed tested Michelin tyres.

Rocket Propelled Bicycle - 3

He reached 333 km/h in just 4.8 seconds and finished the smooth quarter mile stretch of the Castellet circuit in under 7 seconds.

According to an online publication, Gissy said “We made three trials. The first to 166 km/h to take the matter in hand. We did a second test next to a Ferrari at 260 km/h. Then we filled the tank with more pressure and then we beat our old record at 333 km/h.”

Rocket Propelled Bicycle - 1

“Yes, there is a risk. That is why I am lying on the bike, to conduct a mass balance. The track also plays a very important role, it must be really smooth because if there is a bump, I could fly away.” he added.

His previous 285 km/h record was established on 7th October last year at Interlaken in Switzerland.



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