Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale

It’s taken over ten years but Bugatti has finally sold the 450th and final unit of the face-melting fast Veyron to a customer from the Middle East. The model, which is a Grand Sport Vitesse, is called the “La Finale” and will be displayed to visitors at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the very first Veyron ever built.

Since rolling out the first unit out of  Molsheim, France, Bugatti has sold 300 coupes and subsequently 150 roadsters in the form of the standard 16.4, 16.4 Super Sport, 16.4 Grand Sport and 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, with power ranging from 1,001 to 1,200 PS.

It all began in 1998, when Volkswagen bought the rights to the brand, which was originally founded by designer Ettore Bugatti. The goals were straightforward but by no means easy to realise – to produce a vehicle with more than 1,000 PS, with a century sprint time of less than three seconds and a top speed of more than 400 km/h, all wrapped in a package with enough beguile to be driven to the opera.

Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse - 02

After several years of development and delays, the Veyron was finally conceived in in 2005. The rest, as the automaker says, is history. That said, a successor in the name of Chiron is reportedly already in the pipeline. As unfeasible as it sounds, the Chiron is set to outclass the Veyron with a record-breaking output of 1,500 PS.



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