CodeGen Vega - 1

A Sri Lanka based International Internet and Software company, CodeGen, has revealed a homegrown, all-electric supercar concept called Vega.

“Getting people to believe that a complex engineering project like a supercar can come from Sri Lanka is a huge challenge for us. This country produces some of the best engineers in the world, but in the past we’ve been afraid to commit to innovative product development for fear of losing, or being ridiculed.” said CodeGen Vega Project Manager Beshan Kulapala.

CodeGen Vega - 2

The Vega is said to be powered by dual electric motors at the rear wheels, producing a combined output of 900 hp and 718 Nm of torque, all in a Carbon-fibre construction weighing about 1,630 kg.

“The lithium battery modules have a number of innovations in packaging, safety, battery management, system hardware, and firmware and software. Our eDiff will also run cutting-edge algorithms to control the vehicle in different road and driving conditions.” Kulapala added.

It supposedly can get to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 240 km/h and a range of 240 km. The first prototype is expected to roll out in April.



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