nanoFlowcell Quant F - 1

Following the unveiling of the Quant e-Sportlimousine concept at last year’s show, nanoFlowcell AG had revealed “a further development” version of the concept ahead of its premiere at this year’s Geneva Motor Show next month. The new concept is called Quant F.

nanoFlowcell Quant F - 2

Even though the Quant F is supposedly a complete re-design of the Quant E, it looks very much the same except for the QUANTeYES headlights which has an appearance of eyes with pupils, and a 2-stage aerofoil that automatically activates at 80 km/h.

nanoFlowcell Quant F - 3

It does, however, wear a newly developed monocoque made of carbon fibre with a narrower A-pillar, giving it a more spacious interior, while offering exceptional safety.

Under the hood, an enhanced nanoFlowcell drivetrain managed to attain a peak output of 1,075 hp for a limited duration and a maximum rated voltage of 735 V. The previous version peaked at 600 V.

The new system continuously feeds over 50 amperes of current into the newly developed buffer system which can briefly supply over 2000 amperes when needed for full performance. All this translates to a top speed of over 300 km/h and an extended range of about 800 km.

The permanent 4×4 all-wheel drive system, which is driven by four individual electric motors, can be converted automatically into a rear-wheel drive configuration at appropriately high speeds or high acceleration rates.



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