Audi - e-diesel - Graphic

In a scientific breakthrough, it has just been reported that German car manufacturer, Audi, has invented a carbon-neutral diesel fuel made from water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources!

Calling it “Blue Crude”, the base product is said to have been created using a three-step process which involves harvesting renewable energy, splitting water into oxygen and pure hydrogen with reversible electrolysis, and mixed with carbon monoxide (CO) at high temperatures and pressure, to get the long-chain hydrocarbon compounds.

As a big step towards sustainable energy, Audi is said to have set up a pilot plant in Dresden, Germany, to pump out about 160 litres of the synthetic diesel daily. The plant is operated by a clean tech company called Sunfire.

According to Sunfire, the synthetic diesel fuel has, supposedly, a superior 70 percent combustion when compared to fossil fuels.

Both Audi and Sunfire are now planning to build a bigger factory to increase production of the Blue Crude and is said to sell it between 1 to 1.50 Euros per litre.



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