Citroen Cactus M Concept 05

The French are at it again. Building on the already eccentric C4 Cactus, Citroen is set to bring an open-top version of the said crossover called Cactus M concept to the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Inspired by the Méhari (Citroen’s light off-roader in late 60’s), the Cactus M shares some of the key design features with the production C4 Cactus, albeit with a few alteration. The concept has two less doors, for a start, along with a straighter windscreen, raised body and bigger wheels. Its wings are sculpted around the wheels for a more compact look.

Citroen Cactus M Concept 08

Getting into the open-top crossover takes a simple climb over the body side, which has an insert provided for support. Once inside, you’ll see seats covered in a waterproof neoprene fabric, with a design resembling wetsuits and a roof extension that allows passengers to mount surfboards on the top.

For optimum relaxation, the seats can be turned into a “couchette” while the inflatable top, which incorporates a compressor in the rear, doubles as a tent when not attached. The car also has drainage outlets integrated in the foot wells, making cleaning much, much easier.

Citroen Cactus M Concept 07

No mention on the drivetrain but Citroen says the Cactus M will have the same onboard technologies found in the C4 Cactus including the four-mode Grip Control system.





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