Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal - Funny Or Die - Image

To add a little bit of humour on to the very serious Volkswagen diesel emission scandal, Funny Or Die comedy video website has released its latest clip with a slightly different view to the matter, showcasing how the general public, specifically the basic girl, would react to the news about the auto giant’s misleading environment-friendly vehicles.

While the video may show a funny side of their behavior, the reasons for their reactions are somewhat real saying, , “I was swept off my feet by your supposedly clean diesel technology”, “a little sports car that I can afford while emissions were so low”, and that “it’s like magic”.

Unfortunately, those appraisals were shot down using facts of the scandal. “VW had admitted to installing a device in 11 million cars that conceals their true emissions”, “You’re emitting about 40 times more Nitrogen Oxide above the limits that’s allowed in the U.S.”, and, “You lied to me!”

The video ends with them breaking up with with their Jettas, with one girl saying how cute another car, from its competitors, is. Haha. How would you react to your 2.0-litre TDI Volkswagen Jetta?



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