Ford Unicycle Patent 01

Imagine being stuck in a traffic jam and you are late for work. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just pop the rear tyre off and ride away on it? Well, someone at Ford thinks so. The company has recently been granted a US patent for a “self-propelled unicycle engageable with vehicle”.

According to Patent Yogi, the unique self-propelled unicycle comes complete with its own frame, which includes a seat, handlebar and foot rests, and an electric motor. The driver will first have to disengage the tyre using a control available in the car, with help from an automated jack system. Slap on the rest of the kit and you’re ready to go.

The idea might sound wacky to some but for those living in the middle of the urban jungle, having a personal vehicle that’s compact enough to zip through traffic, it doesn’t sound as silly. And just because Ford has patented the technology doesn’t mean it will ever see production. However, it might pave the way for a smarter solution based on the same idea of personal mobility.



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