Lexus NX Ice Wheels

Even in this non-icy part of the world, we know cars and ice don’t go well together. Lexus apparently didn’t get the memo and has hired professional ice sculptures to try to combine the two elements. The result, as you can see, is pretty fascinating.

According to the automaker, the project took three months of research, design and testing. The London-based Hamilton Ice Sculptors used laser scanners and computers to replicate the NX’s parts, resulting in a very precise work of art comparable to the handiworks of Lexus’ takumi craftspeople.

It took four craftsmen armed with Japanese chisels and shaping tools 36 hours to complete each wheel, which is made from softened water taken from a moving flow for a crystal clear appearance. Of course, ice alone would not be able to support the weight of the crossover so clear acrylic discs were added. In-wheel LED lighting adds glow to the NX.

The sculptors then fitted the ice tyres on the NX and deep-froze the whole thing for five days at -30°C. It surprisingly started on the first try, before being driven off a road somewhere in London.


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