What would you do for the perfect photo op? Whatever your answer is, it might not be as crazy as stopping in the middle of a busy highway, which is exactly what this family in China did.

Fortunately, the dangerous (and stupid) act was caught by the highway surveillance camera. The bizarre footage shows a family posing for photos with their Volvo sedan in the middle of the busy Changji highway in the province of Jilin. The couple took a few shots of each other before driving off with the son still standing through the car’s sun roof.

Family takes photos in the zebra crossing marks on the highwayA private car was parked in the zebra crossing markings on Changji highway in Jilin Province while the family took photos. The surveillance camera on the highway recorded the family’s dangerous act as they posed for photographs. Many cars were seen passing the family’s car on the highway while they photographed, which was a big risk. Local traffic police has fined the family for illegal parking. Local police officers have reminded people not to park cars in the zebra markings on the highway.

Posted by CCTVNews on Sunday, 10 April 2016


According to CCTVNews, local police traffic has tracked and fined the family for illegal parking. Considering the hazardous location and their total disregard for road safety, they are is lucky enough the whole shenanigan ended with just a ticket.



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