Volvo XC90 Drive Me

Volvo is set to bring its ‘Drive Me’ autonomous driving trial to Britain next year, following similar tests being conducted in China and Sweden. However, instead of employing engineers to test the cars at some closed facility, the programme called ‘Drive Me London’ will see the automaker handing over its self-driving vehicles to actual families for real-world testing.

Volvo reveals the reason behind this is simply because the conditions usually found on test tracks are unrealistic. Plus, the programme will benefit more from data collected from driving on real roads, where hazards and traffic situations are not simulated. These information will then be analysed by vehicle safety technology experts Thatcham Research.

With self-driving cars, Volvo aims to revolutionise Britain’s roads in four main areas – safety, congestion, pollution and time saving. Quoting independent research, the automaker says autonomous driving technology can reduce the number of car accidents by up to 30%.

Drivers will be able to save time because, according to Volvo, self-driving cars allow traffic to move more smoothly. Not only congestions will be reduced, dangerous emissions will also be kept at a minimum. In the end, everybody is happy.

Drive Me London will begin in early 2017 with a limited number of cars, and expand in 2018 to include up to 100 autonomous driving vehicles. This makes it the largest and most extensive autonomous driving testing programme in Britain.



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