Being new to the automotive industry, it’s only natural for people to be concerned on the capability of electric cars to withstand extreme weather, such as flooding, but it seems the Tesla Model S is perfectly suited for such conditions.

A video, shot in Kazakhstan, recently surfaced, showing the electric sedan plunge through a flooded tunnel while other vehicles powered by traditional internal combustion engines came to a full stop.

A common misconception is that electric cars have greater risks of getting damaged in such situations due to the battery, but this video proves that this is not the case, at least not with a Model S.

Even Elon Musk himself shared the video on his Twitter and expressed his excitement, although it is not recommended to do this.

According to Electrek, the Model S’ battery pack is sealed, but driving it through flooded streets could lead to numerous issues and, furthermore, the warranty or insurance rarely cover this kind of damage.

The absence of an air intake probably helped in this case, but if doing such a stunt is avoidable, it would be best to avoid it.

However, Musk went on to tweet that he is planning to develop a sports sub car that can drive on roads as a side project, probably inspired by his purchase of James Bond’s submarine car in 2013, a modded Lotus Esprit that was featured in the movie A Spy Who Loved Me.

He had then said he was disappointed the car couldn’t actually transform into a sub, but he was determined to make it a reality.


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