The Toyota Prius is not only comfortable and reliable, as well as environmentally-friendly, it can now even be modified to become a camper with an add-on accessory manufactured by Japan-based camper manufacturer CampInn.

Although there have been owners who did their own DIY projects to turn their Priuses into a home base for road trips, but it wouldn’t be able to sleep more than two.

CampInn unveiled the Prius converter at Tokyo Auto Salon, where it was initially received with some negative feedback on its odd appearance, with AutoBlog saying it looked like the car is “under attack from a giant marshmallow from outer space.”

The accessory, officially named ‘The Relax Cabin’, is made of fibre-reinforced plastic and can extend the Prius’ bodywork out to almost five metres, although the manufacturer didn’t specify how it hooks on to the back of the Prius.

It’s priced at over $52,000 (RM213,681) in the US, providing sleeping room for four to five people; three on the convertible bed in the back and two in an overhead sleeping loft.


However, on top of the recommended retail price of $24,200 (RM99443.85) over there, the pricing is not very competitive when compared to other campers though it would probably be a convenient extension for those who would prefer to have just one vehicle for all uses instead of two.

The Relax Cabin, available on CampInn’s website in shades matching Prius body colours, is thermally insulated and also has its own battery charging system to avoid draining the car battery.

The interior panels are finished in leather, while LED indoor lighting is integrates, the entrance is carpeted and there is a high-mount glass electric sunroof.

CampInn said it has received much attention as an innovation in the camper industry and believes it could influence more versatile options from a wide range of manufacturers in the future.


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