Motorists can be penalised for taking too long to complete their journey on Plus highways, confirmed highway operator PLUS Malaysia Berhad in a statement on its website.

It confirmed several motorists have been penalised with long journey time (LJT) fine, which is based on a certain algorithm.

The fine is one of its attempts to curb the issue of transit card manipulation by motorists on PLUS highways.

The statement said Plus would charge an LJT fine if the time of entering and exiting a highway is suspicious based on a calculation formula that has been set.

The LJT fine can be imposed on motorists based on an estimated travel time between one toll booth to another toll booth, taking into consideration the speed limit on the route.

The fine also takes into account traffic congestion, accidents, vehicle breakdowns, which can contribute to motorists exceeding their set travel time.

However the penalty will only be imposed if the motorists fail to produce reasonable evidence or excuse for exceeding the set travel time when asked by the toll booth staff upon exiting the highway.

According to Malay Mail Online, several blogs have recently reported complaints of a Facebook user who was fined RM9.40 when exiting the highway at the Pendang toll plaza, after spending 90 minutes at the rest and services area (R&R) in Gurun, Kedah.

Plus had identified a journey between the Gurun toll plaza and the Pendang toll plaza would normally take 30 minutes.

However, 138 minutes is added to this time based on the consideration that the motorist had rested at the Gurun R&R.

If the motorist exits the Pendang toll plaza without reasonable evidence or excuse, the fine will be imposed.

Plus however added that it will refund the fine amount of the motorist is able to provide evidence later on.

It also said in the statement it does not impose the fines for motorists who go to work at the R&R stops and would exceed the set travel time.

Based on monitoring and research, Plus has identified several locations on the highway where transit card manipulation activities are often carried out, with gradualy increasing frequency over the years.

Some of the tactics employed by these irresponsible road users include exchanging, keeping and manipulating the cards.


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