The Tesla Model S has been chosen as the first of the automaker’s range to enter the Malaysian market, priced at RM480,000, with Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia) selected to be the official distributor for Tesla vehicles in Malaysia.

According to The Vocket, Tesla owners will have to pay RM1,400 monthly to GreenTech Malaysia for five years, which adds up to RM84,000, in order to get access to all battery charging stations, although the road tax is only RM10 a year.

Greentech Malaysia said it plans to find 100 Tesla buyers and use the signed monthly fee commitment in order to setup infrastructure for EVs.

However, at the moment ownership remains under GreenTech Malaysia’s name even though customers have paid in full, and ownership can only be transferred after five years of ownership, or sell to another at which time he would have to pay the pro-rated import tax.

Petronas has also pledged to provide more battery charging stations at major Petronas stations within the next 24 months.

Its stations can provide a good charge within 15 minutes, and a full charge in one hour.

The Tesla Model S has a range of between 335km and 507km on battery-only mode, depending on certain conditions such as driving style, battery condition and environment.


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