Fisker Inc chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker has recently announced a new electric car that could be a game changer for the electric vehicle market, the EMotion.

Futurism reports it ostensibly has a range of 643km, which is considerably more than the 563km range on the Tesla Model S.

With a top speed of 259km/h (161 mph) and a nine-minute charging time, the EV would be a significant competitor to Tesla’s electric car range.

Fisker is best known for designing some of the most iconic luxury car models in history, including ones that were used in James Bond films.

The EMotion is the first car to be produced by his EV company, Fisker Inc.

However, details on the vehicle’s price, launch date and autonomous capabilities have yet to be revealed.

Several automakers such as Toyota and Porsche are putting in efforts to make electric cars faster, sleeker and more luxurious to help EVs break into the supercar sector of the automotive market, as EVs are a pivotal part of the global fight against climate change.

With more EVs that cater to the needs and wants of the general public, their gas-guzzling counterparts can begin to be phased out completely.


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