Automotive management solutions provider AucNation Synergy Sdn Bhd has announced a Strategic Industry Alliance with Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) during the launch of the Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS), a new service by AucNation, today.

The alliance will facilitate a comprehensive inspection training programme at MAI’s training facility in Bukit Beruntung, aimed at uplifting the used vehicle industry in Malaysia.

In addition, the two organisations will be working closely to identify to identify protocols in current and future offerings that will address the specific needs of Malaysia’s used vehicle industry.

They believe this will lead to more streamlined functions, resulting in a more efficient and reliable vehicle inspection and related services in the country.

VIMS is designed to “provide reliable certification on the quality of used and reconditioned cars through comprehensive visual and diagnostic analyses, and is powered by Japan’s Automobile Inspection System (AIS).

“Our partnership with AIS, a top inspection company for Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and Mazda in Japan, allows us to leverage technology and Japanese expertise to provide in-depth analyses and accurate scoring of the inspected vehicles.

“Through VIMS, we are able to contribute to the industry in an effective and practical manner, while promoting a more reliable and secure trading experience for businesses and consumers,” said AucNation chairman Dato’ Nik Izani Nik Ibrahim.

VIMS is a web-based inspection comprising two analyses – Visual Analysis (VA) using a Pen Based Computer (PBC) and Diagnostic Analysis (DA) using the Onboard Diagnostic 2 (OBD 2) device – and data is then stored on a web server.

VA covers checks on the vehicle’s main frame, exterior, interior and basic mechanical components while DA focuses on Health Check on the vehicle’s subsystems including engine and transmissions.

After the inspection, which takes only about 30 to 40 minutes to complete, customers will receive a VIMS Certificate of Inspection with a 90-day validity within 48 hours.

It is a mobile service, whereby inspectors will go to customers to carry out the checks.

At the moments, VIMS can service 80 customers daily with 10 inspectors, but it hopes to be able to expand this in the near future.

Currently, it’s recruiting graduates of engineering degree courses for three-month training at MAI’s resource centre in Bukit Beruntung as well as two weeks in Japan.

Inspections cost between RM200 and RM350, but there is an ongoing promotion of RM175 for visual analytics only.

At the moment, the service is only available in the Klang Valley, with plans to expand to Penang and Johor by year-end, and the rest of the country within two years.


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