Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MBSM) has launched its latest innovative financing solution Lease2Go, which is aimed to help capture a wider Mercedes-Benz fan base.

“Lease2Go is another perfect example of innovative and flexible solutions we offer customers in Malaysia.

“When you think of Lease2Go, think simplicity; we are removing all the unnecessary ownership commitments to give our customers peace of mind, and make it as easy as ever to enjoy driving and upgrading their Mercedes-Benz cars,” said MBSM managing director Mike Ponnaz.

With Lease2Go, customers have full control of customising their lease packages by selecting a preferred lease tenure from between one and four years and anticipated mileage usage of either 20,000km, 25,000km or 30,000km per year.

It also conveniently packages all costs, like insurance premium and road tax, into a fixed monthly lease.

Customers who opt for Lease2Go will begin their financing with a two-month refundable security deposit, and a one-month lease rental upfront.

After this initial set-up, they only pay for the duration that the car is used, based on the agreed lease tenure.

At the end of the lease period, the car will be returned and the customer has an opportunity to upgrade to another Mercedes-Benz model.

Tyre and Rim coverage is also included in the package, giving the customer added protection, and customers will also enjoy the 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of any unforeseen emergencies.

“The zero commitment of ownership feature is also an advantage, particularly for companies, as it translates into an off-balance sheet item.

“Customers are also protected against the risk of asset depreciation and the hassle of disposing their vehicles,” said Ponnaz.

Determined to raise the bar in automotive financing, MBSM is confident the competitive lease payments as well as the simple to understand and user-friendly nature of Lease2Go meets the evolving needs of its growing fan-base.

For more information contact any Mercedes-Benz authorised dealers or call the Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia finance and insurance customer service centre at 1-800-22-6237.


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