UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) now offers new accessories to enhance the appearance of the Hilux and Sienta as well as increase convenience – a TRD aerokit for the current generation Hilux Double Cab, Tailgate Assist for the current generation and previous generation Hilux and an Aerokit for the Sienta.

The new TRD Aerokit for the Hilux, priced at RM4,800 inclusive of GST and installation charges, consists of five items – Front Grille, Front Lower Bumper Cover, Over Fenders, Skid Plate and Shift Knob.

Owners of the Hilux 2.8G also have the option of including the TRD 18-inch alloy wheels with exclusive wheel nuts at extra cost.

For the Sienta MPV, the Aerokit, which is priced at RM2,950 inclusive of GST, consists of three parts – a sporty front bumper spoiler and side skirts for the left and right sides which give a low-slung look to the car.

Owners who already have the Hilux or Sienta can also purchase the aerokits and have them installed at UMWT’s service centres by specially trained personnel.

The Tailgate Assist for the Hilux has been developed in response to customer feedback which showed a request for easier opening and closing of the tailgate.

Toyota’s engineers have designed an additional spring/damper unit which can reduce the heaviness of the tailgate by up to 95% and also controls the opening speed so that the tailgate does not swing down right away.

Priced at RM985 inclusive of GST, the Tailgate Assist can be installed on the current Hilux as well as all Double Cab variants of the previous generation (2005 – 2016).

Installation can be done at UMWT’s service centres.

Besides that, UMWT is also offering a specially designed built-in SmartTAG unit which can be connected to the vehicle’s battery and stored in the centre console, eliminating the need to hold the device to pass through the toll plaza.

Although the SmartTAG sold by PLUS can be affixed on the windscreen, many motorists do not do so for fear of it being stolen, but with the specially designed unit for Toyota vehicles, the unit can be hidden in the centre console so it cannot be seen easily and is unlikely to be stolen.

The custom-designed unit, priced at RM329 inclusive of GST, consists of a card reader which the Touch’nGo card is inserted and an antenna/transmitter that is stuck on the windscreen glass.

The card reader is powered by the vehicle’s battery so there is no need to replace batteries, and when the stored value in the card is RM10 or less, there is a warning beep to alert the driver.

The Toyota SmartTAG can be easily installed in all the current Toyota models on sale as well as previous generations of certain models.

The cost of all accessories can be included in the hire-purchase loan taken for new vehicle purchases.

All accessories come with a warranty covering manufacturing and installation defects for three years or 100,000 km, whichever occurs first after purchase of the accessories.


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