Ford’s mid-life changes to the Fiesta hatchback get more radical the further forward you move along the car. At the back, there’s some lightly refreshed taillight clusters. Behind the car’s big-mouth grille, is a gem: the three-cylinder Ecoboost was crowned as the world’s ‘International Engine of the Year’ for three years in a row beating… Read More

I have a lot of vices. Amongst my world-class collection of soft spots, one stands out like a sore thumb: Volkswagen. Mir gefällt Deutschland, I like the people there and I have always admired the language. Heck, I even took a language course at the Goethe Institut. So imagine my disappointment when I realized that… Read More

Ford has been building Fiesta’s close to 40 years now, since the mid-seventies. There’s been many generations before but the nameplate is made available outside the European markets only recently. Enter the latest generation, in its sixth incarnation, seems to offer just the right mix of economy, space, affordability and driving pleasure. The model we… Read More

Volvo, it seems, is on the up as a legitimate source of cool. Look at the Concept Coupe, Concept Estate, and XC Concept Coupe. Admittedly none of them are real, or destined for production but both show a brave new vision for the company. Think Volvo and estate cars big enough to double as removal… Read More