Uber to Soon Roll Out Self-Driving Cars

Uber has made rapid progress in its quest to provide autonomous cars as part of its service, replacing over a million drivers with computers. Although there has been no news on the progress since reports on the company testing cars in Pittsburgh earlier this year, it seems the company has been quietly developing the technology… Read More

Ford Expects Autonomous Vehicle Ride-Sharing by 2021

Ford is enhancing its autonomous vehicle development by investing in or collaborating with four startups, doubling its Silicon Valley Team and more than doubling its Palo Alto campus. This is in line with the American automaker’s intent to have a high-volume, fully autonomous Society of Automotive Engineers-rated (SAE) level 4-capable vehicle in commercial operation by 2021… Read More

Tesla Model X Autopilot Saves Man’s Life

Following criticism after a Tesla Model S driver died behind the wheel after the vehicle hit an 18-wheeler while on Autopilot, the automaker now has a positive anecdote to refute the claims of Autopilot being dangerous. A 37-year-old attorney from Missouri has claimed his Model X’s Autopilot system saved his life when he suffered a… Read More