Honda to Show All-Electric 3R-C At 2010 Geneva

At this year’s Geneva show, Honda will reveal an interesting looking concept vehicle called the 3R-C. The 3R-C was designed and developed solely by the company’s European studio, based in Milan, Italy. Billed as a “minimal urban transport vehicle,” it’s hard to call the 3R-C a concept car, as the one-passenger, three-wheeled design study blurs… Read More

Honda Releases Photos And Specs On HSV-010

Honda has finally unveiled all the official details on its new GT500 bound HSV-010 racecar. Due to the successful performance of the legendary NSX, five HSV-010s will hit the track at the SuperGT season opener this May with 10 drivers including Ralph Firman and Yuji Ide. The HSV-010 uses a 3.4-litre V8 with 496 horsepower… Read More

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