REVIEW: Kawasaki J300

The Kawasaki J300 marks the Japanese brand’s first foray into the competitive scooter market, so it is definitely a very important model for the company. Apart from comfort and convenience, which every scooter should have, the company has also claimed to throw ‘control’ and ‘performance’ into the mix, making the J300 a very attractive proposition to… Read More

REVIEW: Kawasaki KLX 150L

Many would consider mopeds and scooters for their first bike mainly because they don’t cost arms and legs and have that tendency to be fun every once in a while. Why not include the Kawasaki KLX 150L in the list? Here’s why: A. It’s reasonably priced. B. It looks like one of those bikes in the… Read More

REVIEW: 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650

First launched in 2007, the original Kawasaki Versys was regarded as one of the most versatile entry-level bike that managed to live up to its name, although the peculiar styling might have held it back by a certain degree. Now, for 2015, the popular budget dual-purpose has been thoroughly upgraded with sharper, more up-to-date styling and improved… Read More

REVIEW: 2015 Suzuki Gladius

Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia arrived late to the big bike party in the Malaysian market, only beginning to launch its street and sport models starting from March last year. The company has lined up a total of eight models as of this year, with the mighty Hayabusa guarding the front end. A much sensible and approachable… Read More