Palestinians Create Solar-Powered Vehicle

Fuel and energy are among the essential resources occupied Palestine are deprived of, as Israel’s continued blockade of Palestinian territory along the Gaza Strip has not only infringed on residents’ human rights, but has also choked the area of these resources. Authorities in Jerusalem control much of Palestine’s energy sources and supplies through its Israel… Read More

Ostrich Rider Beats Rush Hour

With unstable oil prices and rising costs of living, people are looking towards alternative modes of travel such as riding public transportation, cycling, and carpooling. However, a man in Kazakhstan seemed to have taken this to the next level, beating rush hour via an unconventional mode of transport – riding an ostrich. A video of… Read More

Driving Don’ts When Balik Kampung by MMM

With the stresses of traffic and Raya preparations, enjoy three short Raya videos on “What Not to Do Bila Drive Balik Kampung” by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM). The videos remind drivers and passengers on the Don’ts during the journey back to your hometowns. The series of comedy shorts can also be viewed on MMM’s Facebook… Read More

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Bentley Unveils “Gigapixel” Image

Bentley has unveiled a ‘gigapixel’ image, created using technology originally developed by NASA to enable Mars rovers to take exploratory panoramic photographs, featuring the new Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase in Rose Gold over Magnetic duo-tone crossing San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate bridge. Through the website, viewers can use an innovative, interactive zoom function to travel from 700… Read More

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