wemotor.com Releases Version 3!

Testament to our endeavours to bring you a great web experience while keeping up-to-date on motoring news and seeking potential buyers and sellers for your vehicle, we’ve stepped up and added a few tweaks to help make things simpler and more convenient for your web-viewing pleasure.… Read More

Version 2.7

So what have the geniuses at wemotor.com done for version 2.7? (5th October 2009) Narrow Your Search – Now users can narrow down their search and find exactly what they want. mySimpliefieds.com – mySimplifieds.com is now our partner. Ads posted on wemotor.com will also be posted on mySimplifieds and vice versa. Dealer Grouping – Now… Read More

Version 2.6

So what have the geniuses at wemotor.com done for version 2.6? (23 June 2009) Multi Photo Uploader – Now users can upload more than 1 picture at once. With the new system, users will also to rotate images on the fly. Viewing Style – When viewing search results or lists, users can select different viewing… Read More

version 2.5

Email addresses – We will automatically convert any email address on our forum into an image. This way you can provide emails on our forums without worrying about spams. Just goes to show how much we really care about you and your privacy! Added ’email your friend(s)’ – You can now email any ads directly… Read More