Yasuhiro Kuhara Of Team HKL Racing Takes Pole

Riding for team HKL Racing, yasuhiro Kuhara grabbed pole position in Malaysian Super Series (MSS) at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) tomorrow. Clocking a quick time of 1:06.905 on his ninth lap on the North Track of SIC with a distance of 2.765km, Kuhara looks determined to keep ahead of the other riders leaving the… Read More

Boy Wong Wishing For A Good Weekend

Boy Wong took pole position in the Malaysian Super Series (MSS) Supersixteen today. The 31-year-old hopes he can finish the races tomorrow in top place and not of a repeat of the last round which he had an incident with another driver on track that forced him out of the race. According to team Type… Read More

Head Protection Expert Comes To Show Support In Local Race

Bike racers have a chance to win more than just bragging rights and prize money in this weekend’s Malaysian Super Series (MSS) race, from this round and onwards, winners in the Superbike, Superstock, Supersport and Production Bikes will be riding away with KBC helmets. The California based helmet company have been in the business for… Read More

Viva La Perodua?

Perodua announced a new rearranged line-up for its popular ViVA compact variant yesterday. They introduced the entry level 660BX on Monday replace the out of production Kancil.Now comes the new 1.0-litre ‘Elite’ premium version that is to be the flagship of the ViVa variant. The Kancil may have reached its cycle and in its wake… Read More

Subaru Introduces WRX STI spec C for Japan

Subaru’s WRX STI spec C has hit the streets! Sadly, just like the A-Line model, they are both only available in Japan, and to make things worse, only 900 unit are available. The spec C model has a few engine enhancements to separate it from regular STIs. The ECU has been retuned and the turbocharger has… Read More

Smart Fortwo Improves Diesel Power

The 2010 Smart Fortwo diesel will boast a not-so-insignificant 21% power boost and about 18% more torque. With all this extra power, Smart claims the 29.33 KM/L fuel consumption stays the same as before. Modified pistons plus adjusted injection and charge pressure parameters are primarily responsible for the improvement, which also benefits noise levels by lowering… Read More