Audi has unveiled its new A8, the first production automobile to permit conditional automated driving on public roads – dependent on legislature – at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt yesterday. Conditional automated driving (level 3) is in line with the definition developed by the autonomous driving standardisation organisation, SAE International. The Audi AI… Read More

Following an announcement that Tesla Motors would be equipping all its electric vehicles, including the Model 3, with full self-driving hardware, the automaker has released a video of a Tesla car driving from home to work without any input from its human driver. Mashable reported Tesla as saying this move would make the car substantially safer… Read More

Uber has made rapid progress in its quest to provide autonomous cars as part of its service, replacing over a million drivers with computers. Although there has been no news on the progress since reports on the company testing cars in Pittsburgh earlier this year, it seems the company has been quietly developing the technology… Read More

Jaguar Land Rover will be creating a fleet of over 100 research vehicles over the next four years to test autonomous and connected technology, with the first models to hit the streets later this year. A report by Reuters said Britain’s biggest carmaker will drive the initial models on a new 66 km test route on motorways… Read More