I have to admit that I was quite excited when I went to pick up this car for a test drive. But who wouldn’t be. When the Peugeot RCZ came into production, it won numerous awards like Top Gear 2010 Coupe of the Year, Red Dot Design 2010 Award, Auto Express Special Design Award and,… Read More

The all-new fourth generation Lexus GS has recently arrived in the Malaysian market with a wider range of choice than before – two engine sizes with Luxury and F-Sport versions. The new Lexus GS range consists of – the GS 250, GS 250 Luxury, GS 250 F-Sport, GS 350 Luxury and GS 350 F-Sport.… Read More

We’ve previously had our feel around with the Satria Neo R3 bad-boy from Proton, but thankfully we had the opportunity to spend a little more time living with this particular hot-hatch. From deep within the realm of Proton’s R3 department, comes a more affordable variant than the Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Edition.… Read More

The Peugeot 308 Turbo is back with a new improvement to its attitude, and that improvement is the inclusion of a 6-speed automatic transmission that thankfully brings about a marked improvement in terms of fuel economy and has also managed to slap us silly with greater driver engagement.… Read More