Tesla Motors Inc does not intend to disable its Autopilot feature¬†despite the recent fatal accident involving the system in a Tesla Model S, which was also the first such incident involving the system, reports The Wall Street Journal. The company CEO Elon Musk said instead of disabling the semi-autonomous feature, the electric car maker is… Read More

Yesterday saw the first fatality involving Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot feature in Washington when the Tesla Model S hit an 18-wheeler. Following the incident, the US’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSA) opened a preliminary evaluation into the performance of Autopilot. The system, which is still in beta testing, was unveiled last year. It¬†allows the vehicle… Read More

Being new to the automotive industry, it’s only natural for people to be concerned on the capability of electric cars to withstand extreme weather, such as flooding, but it seems the Tesla Model S is perfectly suited for such conditions. A video, shot in Kazakhstan, recently surfaced, showing the electric sedan plunge through a flooded… Read More